Holland Code and College Majors

College majors classified by Holland Themes

Realistic (R)

Prefer to work with objects, machines, tools, plants or animals, or to be outdoors

Aerospace Engineering (I)

Aviation Studies (I)

Cardio respiratory Therapy (I,S)

Civil Engineering (I)

Computer Engineering (C)

Computer Science (I,C)

Construction Science (E)

Dental Hygiene (S)

Electrical Engineering (I)

Engineering Physics (I)

Environmental Engineering

Environmental Geology

Environmental Science

Geology (I)

Geological Engineering (I)


Industrial Engineering

Laboratory Technology (I)

Mechanical Engineering (I)

Meteorology (I)

Petroleum Engineering (I)

Radiologic Technology (I,S)


Investigative (I)

Like to observe, learn, investigate, analyze, evaluate, problem solve

Anthropology (A,R)

Astronomy (R)

Astrophysics (R)

Biochemistry (R)

Botany (R)

Chemical Engineering (R)

Criminology (S)

Dentistry, Pre-Dent (R,S)

Geography (R,E)

Geosciences (R)

Liberal Studies (S)

Mathematics (R,E)

Math-Education (S,R)

Medicine, Pre-Med (S,R)

Microbiology (R)

Paleontology (R)

Pharmacy (E,R)

Physics (R)

Psychology (S,E)

Physician's Associate (S,R)

Science Education (S,R)

Sociology (S,E)

Veterinary Med, Pre-Vet (R)

Women's Studies (S,E)

Zoology (R)

Artistic (A)

Have artistic, innovative, or intuitional abilities

African Studies (I,S)

Architecture (I,R)

Art (I,S)

Art History (I,S)

Asian Studies (I,S)

Classics (I)

Dance (R,S)

Drama (E,S)

English (I)

Envr. Design (I,R)

Ethics & Religion(I,S)

European Studies(I,S)

Foreign Languages(I,S)

Interior Design(R,S)

International Studies (I,S)

Journalism-writing and news(I,S,E)

Latin American Studies (I,S)




Music Education(I,S)

Native American Studies (I,S)


Religious Studies(S,E)

Social (S)

Like to work with people to inform, help

Clinical Dietician(E,I)

Communication Disorders (I,A)

Education (A,E)

Health & Exercise Science (R,E)

History (E,I)

Human Development (A,E)

Human Relations

Law Enforcement Admin (R,E)


Occupational Therapy (R,E)

Physical Therapy (R,I)

Pre-social Work (I)

Social Work (I,A)

Speech Education(A,E)

Special Education (I,A)

Enterprising (E)

Like to lead, manage



Energy Mgmt(C,R)


Entrepreneurship & Venture Mgmt (S)


Human Resource Mgmt(S)


Industrial Engineering (I,R)


International Business(S)


Journalism-Advertising, PR(A,S)


Law, Pre-law (A,S)



Political Science(I,S)


Public Affairs & Admin(S,C)


Real Estate(S,C)


Supply Chain Mgmt(R)

Conventional (C)

Like to work with data, details



Business (R,E,I)


Economics (I,S)


Finance (E,I)


Information Studies(I)


Information Technology (I)


Logistics & Materials Mgmt. (E,R)


Management (E,S)


Management information Systems (E,I)

Note: Majors are listed initially under the predominant theme; other applicable themes are indicated in brackets