Guidelines for Taking Career Inventories

Please keep the following information in mind when taking career inventories:

  • Treat all inventories as suggestions only. Career inventories are designed to help you gain a better understanding of the unique person you are, and help you become more aware of possible career options. Many individuals enjoy learning about career possibilities they have never considered. Career inventories are not judgmental tools. There is no right or wrong, good or bad, smart or not smart.

  • Answer all of the question honestly. Don't "over-think" your answers or try to get the "right" answer.

  • Career inventories will not tell you what you "should" be. Your career direction is based on your own evaluation after gathering the information and thinking about what is the best career fit for you.

  • Consult a qualified professional regarding your inventory results. It is a good idea to meet with COCC's Career Services Coordinator to help you make sense of the assessment results. COCC's Career Services Coordinator can also assist you with labor market information and research to help you gain a better understanding of possible career choices. Call 541-383-7200 to schedule an appointment.

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