Graduates: Are You Career Ready?

The following checklist is designed to help you determine where you might need assistance in your job search.

1. What do you know about yourself?

_____ Can you identify your skills, including adaptive, transferable, and job-related skills?

_____ Can you describe your greatest strength(s)? Your greatest weakness(es)?

_____ Have you identified your workplace needs such as salary, geographic preference, etc?

_____ Can you list at least 5 responsibilities, and several contributions and accomplishments for each of your work experiences?

_____ Can you name the work activities you do well and enjoy?

____ Can you explain why you chose your major and what you gained from your education?

  1. What do you know about the world of work?

_____ Can you name at least three fields of employment in which you are interested?

_____ Can you name at least five types of employers that might hire a person with your background?

_____ Can you name at least five position titles that are appropriate for your interests and abilities?

_____ Can you describe the characteristics of the work environment in which you feel you would be happiest and most productive?

  1. Are you prepared to begin your job search?

_____ Can you name at least five employers you plan to contact regarding employment in the near future?

_____ Do you have all of your job search information together including employment history, education information (dates, supervisor names, addresses, past wages, etc.)?

____Do you have at least three letters of reference?

_____Do you have current information for at least three professional and three personal references including address, phone number, and email address?

_____ Have you prepared a working resume and cover letter? Have you had it critiqued?

_____ Do you know how to modify and adapt each resume for each job?

_____ Are you able to fill out job applications neatly, accurately, and completely?

_____ Are you prepared to enter an interview and answer all interview questions with confidence?

_____ Have you put together a system for developing and finding job leads?

Tracy Dula, COCC Career Services Coordinator is available to assist you with all aspects of your job search.

Call CAP Services at 541-383-7200 today to schedule an appointment.

Also available: Effective Job Search Strategies class at COCC