Career Services Mission Statement and Outcomes

Mission Statement

To assist students with career development through assistance with Career Exploration, Career Planning and Decision Making, and Job Search Skills and Strategies. Additionally, develop regional employer relationships in order to provide employment opportunities for students while enrolled in classes and after graduation as COCC alumni.

Student Outcomes

The student learning outcomes associated with accessing COCC Career Services include

Career Exploration and Planning

  • Students will be able to identify their skills, interests and values as they relate to exploring career options.
  • Students will develop the skills needed to find the necessary occupational and labor market information to assist in their career planning process.
  • Students will be able to identify the academic preparation needed to attain the careers they are considering.
  • Students will consider experiential learning opportunities (i.e. volunteering, internships, job shadowing, etc) in their career decision making process.

Job Search Skills and Strategies

  • Students will develop a targeted resume using the correct resume format.
  • Students will develop a targeted cover letter.
  • Students will identify their achievements, accomplishments, knowledge and skills in order to effectively market themselves for employment.
  • Students will know how to prepare for an interview, and minimize the anxiety associated with the interview process.
  • Students will learn the most effective strategies for finding the job they want and be able to develop a job search plan.