Trade Act Reference Materials

Our Academic Advisors will do their best to assist you with your paperwork in a timely manner, but please be advised that some training plans may not be finalized during your first appointment. Please communicate regularly with your TAA Training Case Manager to let them know where you are in the process of completing your paperwork. We look forward to working with you soon!

Students who wish to enroll at COCC need to complete the following steps (see

In addition, to provide details for Trade Act Training Information forms, COCC needs additional time to serve students. Students should complete as much of the paperwork as possible prior to seeing a COCC advisor. If needed, COCC in arrangement with WorkSource Oregon, will provide a general training plan before the start of the term. In these cases, the student will need to make a follow-up appointment with a COCC CAP Services advisor to complete the detailed Training Information form. COCC advising staff will provide as much of the Training Information as possible at the meeting, but students may need to follow-up with advising staff. Again, confirming appointment for advising as soon as possible is highly recommended.

The following are helpful resources to assist you with completing your Trade Act Classroom Training Information forms:

  1. Term Start & End Dates: Academic Calendar
  2. Weeks: Fall Term = 12 weeks, Winter and Spring Terms = 11 weeks; Summer Term = 10 weeks
  3.  Instruction Hours: Instruction hours = Credits x number of weeks in term (Example: A student enrolled in 12 credits fall term will have 144 instruction hours that term [12 x 12 = 144])
  4. Tuition, Fees & Estimated Book Expenses
  5. Class/Term Outline