Remote Advising

Information about Remote Advising for students NEW to COCC

Some students have identified barriers to attending an advising session on a COCC campus. We believe that students get the best experience working with other students and with COCC faculty advisors, but we provide remote advising as a service to promote access to COCC. Remote advising is New Student Advising by phone or Skype and requires reliable internet access during the appointment.

Remote advising means you will have less guidance through the new student enrollments steps. To be successful choosing this option, you will need to be committed to reading and applying the materials on your own before you work with an advisor, and to follow up on any assignments you identify during your advising session.

When you have completed remote advising, the advisor will clear your advising requirement and you will be able to register online once the registration period opens.

What you need to do before you can participate in remote advising:

1. Apply for Admission to COCC. Before your application is processed, you cannot be cleared for advising; after your application is processed, you will have access to the Bobcat Web Account.

2. Provide placement information. If you complete a placement test at another college, you need to send the results to Admissions & Records (COCC - Admissions & Records, 2600 NW College Way, Bend OR 97703, fax 541-318-3700 or email well before your advising session. If you are using transcripts from another college to satisfy the placement requirement, you must provide transcripts to Admissions & Records in time for us to evaluate them before your appointment.

Your placement information and/or transcript evaluation need to be completed before you can work with an advisor!

3. Make an appointment with an academic advisor by calling CAP Services at 541-383-7200. Please don't schedule an appointment until you have completed the previous steps. Be sure to mention you need a remote advising appointment and request an advising packet, which includes COCC's current Catalog and New Student Workbook. You can't complete your remote advising appointment without these materials.

4. To make the most of your appointment, review the materials before the day of your appointment.

What you should do for the day of your advising appointment:

1. Have all of the materials in front of you, along with paper and a pencil.

2. Log into your Bobcat Web Account.

3. Call the advisor at the assigned time. If the advisor does not answer, call CAP Services at 541-383-7200.

4. The goals for remote advising are for you to:

  • Select a COCC degree or certificate program based on an understanding of their intended uses;
  • Locate course requirements for your selected degree goal in the Catalog;
  • Select courses for your first schedule that are appropriate to your current skill level, meet your degree requirements, comprise a time commitment you can meet, and results in a balanced schedule (considering your interests, activity level, and subjects you find challenging).
  • Locate essential policies and web registration instructions.