For Advisors--Going away?

Information for Academic Advisors taking leave/sabbatical, retiring, or exiting COCC.


Between now and when you leave

Please communicate with your advisees early to inform them of your absence and to encourage them to work with you before you leave. If you are gone for a period but returning, encourage them to plan for the duration of your absence. For example, if you are on sabbatical from fall to spring, encourage them in the previous spring to plan for the upcoming year, and then you can clear them for the year. We recommend at least one email and editing your directory web page.


We don't usually reassign students if the advisor is gone for up to a year and then returning. One of the students' biggest complaints about advising is the fact that their assignment gets changed too frequently, and once we change the assignment we can't communicate with them as a group nor assign them back. Of course, on case by case situations as students request, we would reassign if it worked better for the student.

CAP Services usually makes advisor assignments the second week of fall, winter, and spring terms.

If you are leaving COCC ....

All of the above would still apply. If you are not returning, then CAP Services would typically email your advisees soon after your last day to inform them that you are not available, tell them how the new assignment will work, invite them to work with CAP Services if it is between terms or summer, and invite them to request a specific advisor if they like. Once assignments are made, we email all the students who have had a change of advisor assignment to let them know their new assignment. If you have notes on students or academic plans, you are welcome to forward them to CAP Services and we will provide them to the new advisor.

If you will be returning to COCC...advising in your absence

You should think about a plan for who will advise your students in your absence. Frequently, faculty work within your departments to swap coverage (especially in CTE programs). CAP Services will act as your backup either to your colleagues if they are covering for you, or we can provide advising in your absence.


Early and clear communication to students and to CAP Services is so helpful. Please let CAP Services director know your plans for coverage, and your communication to date with your advisees! We really hope that your email, phone, and web page are up to date with your status; we can help you if you have questions on how to do that.


Many thanks for your attention to COCC students' needs in your absence! Happy trails, bon voyage, and send us a postcard!