Contacting your advisor

Meeting with your advisor is an important part of your responsibilities as a student, and it can be tricky if your schedule is really tight. Contact your advisor early to register early!

How do I get an advisor?
Advisors are assigned at the beginning of your first term. Your declared area of study will determine who your advisor will be.

Who is my assigned academic advisor?
Your advisor's name and contact information are on the Registration Status page in your Bobcat Web Account.

Can I change my assigned advisor?
You can change your major or your advisor by contacting CAP Services at (541) 383-7200. You can request a specific advisor if you ask permission of that advisor and then notify CAP Services.

How can I connect with my advisor?
Your advisor's contact information is in the Directory. If you select the advisor's name, you will get detailed contact information that may include office hours.

Contact your advisor well before you want to register! It is possible that your advisor is already booked or otherwise not available to you in the days right before registration opens, so plan ahead!

Here is an easy way to remember when to contact your advisor:

To prepare for:

Contact your advisor around:

Fall term

Cinco de Mayo - May 5th

Winter term

Halloween - October 31st

Spring term

Valentine's Day - February 14th

Summer term

April Fool's Day - April 1st