Stephanie André

Assistant Professor of Composition

Stephanie AndréStephanie André fell in love with reading largely because her parents had devoted tens of thousands of hours to reading over the years.

"That love and devotion eventually led me to graduate school where I discovered that it felt very rewarding to teach writing," she says. "I have dedicated my life to this."

Since interacting with students inspired her to become a writing instructor, she says she enjoys working at COCC because of its emphasis on teaching. She has been a member of the faculty since 2011.

Stephanie says that guiding students through the processes of reading and writing forms the basis of what she does as an instructor. Her teaching style is Socratic, but she also uses mini lectures and in-class practice when appropriate because she believes that this mixture facilitates students' intellectual growth.

"Any class I teach can become my favorite as long as the students are engaged and we share the excitement of learning about new ideas and creating new knowledge together," she says.