Patty Hammer

Patricia HammerAdjunct Instructor of Math

Although Patty Hammer did not want to follow in the footsteps of her father who taught math for 40 years, she realized she felt most alive when playing with numbers and sharing what she discovered with others. Now she can no longer imagine not teaching math, as it is what makes her most happy.

"I like teaching the developmental math and algebra courses the best. When we combine math technology learning with our passion for teaching math in a classroom and then encourage students to think creatively for themselves, we create a learning environment of hope, sharing and success.

"I try to keep a balance between control of the classroom and being vulnerable about who I am and where I have come from, so students can relax, open up and learn. I do try to keep my lectures short with plenty of examples from everyday life. I break my lectures up with math activities, so there is time for interaction, questions and opinions. I believe that learning takes place when we share our thoughts and are open to other opinions in constructive, respectful way.

"Here at COCC, I find it rewarding to see people from all backgrounds, ages and experiences, encouraging each other to go after their goals. I want to be a part of their hope, to lift them up when they fail so they can try again."