Matthew Novak

Matthew NovakAssistant Professor of Psychology

Matthew Novak has always been fascinated with what makes people the same and what makes them different. This led him to study theatre, Russian and political science before figuring out that developmental psychology was the right fit for him.

After working as a research scientist during graduate school and then in post-doctoral and staff scientist positions until early 2011, he began a second career as a full-time instructor.

"Having once been a community college student myself and benefiting from many really great teachers, I chose to teach at a community college," says Matthew. "I feel incredibly fortunate to be paying back their efforts and hopefully paying forward as well. Great colleagues, great students, great community!"

He likes hands-on learning the best, so laboratory classes are his favorites.

"The thing I like most about teaching is providing students with multiple pathways to success and the freedom to choose for themselves a route to achieve their goals," says Matthew. "I like watching students learn... watching as 'I cant do that becomes 'I can do that.'"