Carl Cavallo

Carl CavalloAdjunct Professor of Automotive Technology

Growing up, Carl Cavallo loved anything mechanical. Heworked on lawnmowers, tractorsanything that had an engine. He built his firstsmall car at age 12 and raced others in the neighborhood.

An automotive high school teacher inspired him to pursueteaching as a career. He taught automotive technology for 22 years at aCalifornia high school. He then taught for 13 years at a community college nearSacramento, of which eight years he taught for the Ford ASSET automotiveprogram.

I tell my students that I'm old school, says Carl. Readthe chapter as an introduction, attend my lecture to clear up the rough spotsand then to the lab to apply the new knowledge. By working through these steps,the students have experienced all the learning styles: visual, auditory andapplication with cognitive thinking. We solve a lot of problems.

Carl especially enjoys interacting with the students andhelping them understand and apply the theory, operation, diagnostic and repairof the modern automobile. To see and feel the light bulb of knowledgethatsthe best, he says.

Carl has been a member of the COCC faculty since 2002 andreceived the 2013 Teaching Award for part-time instructors.