Amy Howell

Amy HowellProfessor Early Childhood Education

Amy Howell has been teaching Early Childhood Education courses at the college since 2004. For her, teaching and learning with children is the most meaningful, rewarding and challenging work imaginable. Working with students considering teaching young children as a career allows her the best of both worlds: "I like to think I have this unique and brief opportunity to be a part of that amazing journey."

"I hope to teach in a way that offers examples for teachers to engage the children in their classes in real, authentic, hands-on learning. Learning and development require social interaction and collaboration. My classes are highly interactive, and I try to find meaningful and creative ways for students to learn together.

"I have always felt in awe of our students at COCC. They lead complex lives, play many roles, and they navigate through many challenges at times-yet, they show up, and they are engaged and eager to learn."