Mike Artus

Mike ArtusAssistant Professor of Speech

Mike Artus, assistant professor of speech, is a homegrown member of the COCC faculty. He was raised in Terrebonne and attended high school in Redmond.

Mike has taught for Oregon State University, Linn Benton Community College, OSU-Cascades, in addition to Central Oregon Community College.

He chose speech communication as his area of study because of its relevance to every aspect of life.

"I decided to teach at a community college because I feel can make a large impact on students as they are starting out in their academic careers and help them be more successful in their professional, personal and civic areas of their lives," says Mike.

He describes his teaching style as energetic, relevant and leading by example: "I want to inspire my students to be lifelong learners and use their knowledge for their benefit as well as to give back to the communities where they live."

Mike says the best aspect of teaching is having students come back after taking his class, and telling him how they personally have benefitted from the material he shared with them. "I love it when students can change their lives for the better by applying their own education to their life."