Programs and Classes

Social Sciences are composed of the disciplines which provide diverse views and explanations of human behavior. The past, present and future of humans as social beings are explored at different levels and in different contexts. The six disciplines represented at COCC are:

Helpful Background
A lively interest in current events and human behavior is a good indicator of success in the social sciences. To support your study in the social sciences, strong communication skills in writing and speaking are necessary, and knowledge of a foreign language is recommended

Career Opportunities
Careers in business, politics, communications, law, government, social service, education, and research are often the result of an education in any of the social sciences. Generally a Bachelor's degree is the minimum requirement for professional positions; a Master's or Doctorate degree may be preferred in specialized fields.

Transfer Options

COCC offers the Associate of Arts degree (AA), a two-year degree that provides a solid general education foundation toward a Bachelor's degree in the Social Sciences or other fields. With this AA, you can meet all of the lower division general education requirements at each Oregon public university. Planning your Associate degree with a faculty advisor enables you to explore your interest and transfer options throughout your study at COCC. Your Associate of Arts degree is your first step toward a Bachelor's degree.

If your primary goal at COCC is a two-year professional-technical degree (Associate of Science or Associate of Applied Science), consider completing some social sciences coursework to satisfy general education elective requirements. Social sciences can help you connect your technical career to related individual and social issues. In addition, there are three Associate of Applied Science degrees offered at COCC: one in Addiction Studies/Human Services, one in Criminal Justice, and one in Early Childhood Education, as well as Certificates in Addiction Studies/Human Services and Early Childhood Education.

Suggested Core Program for the Social Sciences

  • English Composition (WR 121, WR 122)
  • Fundamentals of Public Speaking (COMM 111)
  • Social Sciences Sequence (declared major)
  • Humanities Sequence*
  • Science Sequence*
  • Health and Human Performance
  • Additional Sequence**
  • Computer Skills
  • Math 111 or 105 (Psychology majors at Univ of Oregon need MTH 111)

* Your faculty advisor will be able to suggest topics within each sequence, as well as appropriate electives, to enhance your learning experience and to meet degree requirements. Two years of foreign language study is highly recommended.

** Some transfer institutions prefer another sequence from the Social Sciences area.

For more information about Social Science programs at COCC, please contact the Department Chair for Social Sciences, phone 383-7786 or 383-7230.