Human Development


Classes offered under the Human Development Department are intended to enhance student performance leading to successful outcomes both while in college and in life.

Classes include:

HD 100CS College Success (3 Credits)

College Success is designed to give new students a broad overview of college and life success strategies. The course introduces students to college resources, students services and personal behaviors that support successful academic transition, growth and planning. Topics include personal responsibility, self-motivation, time management, academic planning, financial planning, decision making, health and learning styles.

HD 100PM Procrastination & Motivation (1 Credit)

Introduces students to the characteristics of procrastinating behaviors. The class explores reasons for procrastination and how to self-negotiate to eliminate non-productive behaviors. Specific tools to address individual styles of procrastination will be introduced with an emphasis on identifying personal values to motivate one to action and achieve defined goals.

HD 100TT Test Taking (1 Credit)

Designed for students challenged by tests or assessment materials. The class introduces students to the process of effective test taking including preparation for all types of tests and classroom assessment tools, study and relaxation techniques and actual test taking. Students will be introduced to pro-active strategies to address test anxiety, utilize test results for improved performance, and access instructors for guidance and performance.

HD 100VC Values Clarification (1 Credit)

Designed to assist students in defining the motivation behind their college investment and develop a compelling academic plan integrated with their personal life plan. Students will identify their key motivators (values), assess current life choices and roles in the framework of the defined values, develop a plan of action that realistically supports success, choose action steps resulting in the achievement of defined outcomes, and develop strategies to continually reassess and measure academic/personal success.

HD 103 Strategies for Life Management (3 Credits)

Helps college students identify and manage internal factors that contribute to positive mental, physical and emotional health during their college journey. Through exploring proven strategies for self-management, students will be able to analyze, create and implement a personalized set of habits and routines that will support their journey through college and beyond.

HD 109 Effective Job Search Strategies (2 Credits)

Introduces students to an effective, comprehensive approach to the job search process. Students will learn how to develop a job search plan, accurately and effectively complete job applications, write resumes and cover letters accordingly, identify marketable skills, and prepare for job interviews.

HD 110 Career Planning (3 Credits)

Provides tools and resources for making informed career decisions. Covers assessing skills, values, interests, personality, barriers, lifestyle, education and approaches to decision making. Covers how to research career information. Includes educational decision-making in determining a field or program of study, and college or training program.




Human Development Course Outcomes