Social Science

Look what you can do in Social Science!

Have you thought about being a psychologist? A drug and alcohol counselor? Probation officer? A teacher? What about a social worker? Do you want to learn how and why people and institutions operate the way they do? Are you interested in learning skills to help you think critically, solve problems, and be successful in college, work, and life? Then we've got the classes for you! Central Oregon Community College's Social Sciences program offers students an introduction to psychology, sociology, criminal justice, general social sciences, and more.

Mission: Social Science engages students to create an inclusive environment which fosters personal growth, appreciation of local and global diversity, and critical thinking to understand complex social issues.

The Social Science Department offers (1) an Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer Degree, (2) Certificates, and (3) Associate of Applied Science Degrees. For students wanting to pursue an advanced degree at a four-year university, COCC's Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer degree is the degree for you. Designed so that students can easily transfer to an Oregon public university to pursue a bachelor's degree, the AAOT program offers students a wide array of courses as well as an introduction to the social sciences field. With 4 social sciences courses, as well as opportunities to take or satisfy general science requirements, cultural literacy requirements and up to 32 additional credits for your electives - all taught by some of the most respected faculty in the region you will gain a solid foundation for success at your transfer institution. Additional great educational and career choices are available with our Certificate and Associate of Applied Science degrees. These degrees prepare you for specific job occupations, such as Addictions Counseling, Criminal Justice, and Early Childhood Education. These degrees equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to be competitive in your field. The faculty members teaching these courses are highly trained and experienced and provide students with real world applications.

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