Class Sessions and Meetings in CLERC

Finalized September 25, 2019

Class sessions and meetings held in the Children's Literature & Equity Resource Center (CLERC) will reflect the CLERC mission. Priorities for scheduling the CLERC space are as follows:

  1. COCC ECE course sessions
  2. COCC course sessions—all departments
  3. Meetings sponsored by ECE and Library faculty and staff
  4. Meetings sponsored by COCC faculty and staff
  5. Community meetings

Class sessions and meetings scheduled in CLERC will support and promote inclusion and will expand cultural understanding and learning. Identities and voices discussed during class sessions and meetings in CLERC will reflect authentic, culturally respectful, accurate and current representations of race, ethnicity, gender, class, age, ability, religion, place, immigration status, and LGBTQ identities.

Class sessions and meetings in CLERC may be scheduled by any COCC staff or faculty member. Community meetings not sponsored by COCC faculty/staff will be reviewed and approved by Barber Library leadership.

Leaders and attendees of meetings taking place in CLERC are responsible for following all COCC Campus and Barber Library guidelines, including those guidelines pertaining to supervision of children. (See General Policies and Procedures G-4-0: Children on Campus.)