Library Credit Classes

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LIB 100: Introduction to Finding Information

Students will learn how to find, evaluate and responsibly use web-based and other information resources for college-level research. This course is for those who want an introduction to information resources and research skills.

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LIB 127: Information Research Skills

Library 127 teaches college-level research and information skills, including finding and accessing resources in physical and digital formats; developing topics and research strategies; learning and applying advanced search techniques; exercising critical thinking to evaluate information and using the internet as a research tool.

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LIB 227: Mapping Information World

This course familiarizes students with the wider world of information and research. Students become familiar with various issues related to the "information society" as well as the world of research. Specifically, the course addresses the impact of information in our lives, the life cycle and characteristics of information as it transforms in different publication formats, use and selection of information tools based on the nature of research need, the explosion and implications of web 2.0 technology, and ethical issues in the use of information with specific reference to issues of plagiarism and proper citation.