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ASCOCC is an established governing body within Central Oregon Community College.

In the interest of fairly and equitably representing students and community interest, all ASCOCC Council records and meetings are posted publicly, in compliance with Oregon Records and Public Meetings Laws. We understand this to be a part of our office's duty: to maintain transparency, accessibility, and accountability to those we serve.

"Put simply, these laws establish a general expectation that Oregon’s government will be transparent to its people. Government records are available to the public, and governing bodies must conduct deliberations and make decisions in the open." -2014 Public Records and Meetings Manual, Oregon Dept. of Justice

 Below, you will find an updated list of all ASCOCC Council meetings, including the locations and times. Be sure to check back on the locations, as they may change based on the needs of the meeting space, but will always be accurate within 24 hours of the meeting time. We will post meeting agendas 24 hours before each meeting; we will also have meeting minutes up and available by the following Monday, or within 48 hours of the end of our meeting.
If these documents have not been posted within the above timeline, feel free to submit a request for information or file a formal complaint. You can submit these concerns to the Student Body President at:


Upcoming Meetings:

Friday, October 28
3 p.m. ASCOCC Office CCC 207
Meeting Agenda
Meeting Notes

Previous Meetings:

Friday, September 30
3 p.m. ASCOCC Office CCC 207
Meeting Notes