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The 2022-23 Council


Dray Agurrie

Dray Aguirre (he/him/his)

Hometown: California
Studying/major: Nursing
Favorite Pastime: Remembering Past times.
Why did you join ASCOCC?: I joined ASCOCC to help bridge the gap of communication between students and the school. I want to help find what students would like to see happen on our campuses and better support them during their time at COCC.



Savanna Podell (she/her/hers)
Director of Student Affairs 

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Hometown: Bend, Oregon
Studying/major: Undecided
Favorite Pastime: Practicing and researching wellness + holistic health
Why did you join ASCOCC?: To build an inclusive and diverse on-campus community using community development theories


Dilynn Campbell

Dilynn Campbell (he/him/his)
Director of Legislative Affairs

Hometown: Bend,Oregon and Salt Lake City
Studying/majors: Business
Favorite Pastime: Thrift shopping
Why did you join ASCOCC?: For the opportunity to be a leader in my community and develop skills that will make me a more effective advocate for others.


Oscar Tovar

Oscar Tovar (he/him/his)
Director of Financial Affairs 

Hometown: Las Vegas and St. Louis, Missouri
Studying/major: Psychology
Favorite Pastime: Reading
Why did you join ASCOCC?: I wanted to get more involved on the campus and to help better represent the student body.


Kylie Willstatter

Kylie Willstatter (she/her/hers)
Director of Campus Affairs

Hometown: Denver, Colorado
Studying/major: Psychology
Favorite Pastime: Hiking
Why did you join ASCOCC?: To be more involved with the school and to be able to serve the student body to the best of my abilities 

Alexis NewAlexis New (she/her/hers)
External Affairs Coordinator

Hometown: Redmond, Oregon
Studying/Majoring: Criminal Justice
Favorite Pastime: Hiking
Why did I join: I love to meet new people and be involved in my community, and help were I am needed. I also want to get to know more people around my school and help anyone who needs it! 


Mal Sotelo

Mal Sotelo (they/them/thiers)
Internal Affairs Coordinator

Hometown: Central Point,Oregon
Studying/major: Sociology
Favorite Pastime:Writing poetry
Why did you join ASCOCC?:I decided to join ASCOCC because I love being involved with school events and spreading my knowledge of the campus to other students!

Ryan Rhodes

Ryan Rhodes (he/him/his)
Wickiup Liaison

Hometown: Eugene, OR
Studying/major: Fire Science/Paramedicine
Favorite Pastime: Hot tubbing
Why did you join ASCOCC?: I love talking, meeting new people, and helping others. Why not get paid for it!

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Office Coordinator


Morgan Brandon

Morgan Brandon (she/her/hers)
Madras Campus Liaison

Hometown: Culver,Oregon
Studying/major:Criminal Justice
Favorite Pastime:  Anything outside really
Why did you join ASCOCC?: I wanted to use this opportunity to help bring new ideas to the student government and help build a better connection and overall experience for the students at the Madras campus.



Brian Lepp

Brian Lepp (He/Him/His)
Prineville Campus Liaison

Hometown: Carlsbad, CA
Studying/major:Criminal Justice and Anthropology
Favorite Pastime: Camping
Why did you join ASCOCC?: To gain a better understanding of the college and to assist other students.


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Jessie Spendlove
Redmond Campus Liaison

Favorite Pastime:Hiking