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The 2022-23 Council


Dray Agurrie

Dray Aguirre (he/him/his)

Hometown: California
Studying/major: Nursing
Favorite Pastime: Remembering Past times.
Why did you join ASCOCC?: I joined ASCOCC to help bridge the gap of communication between students and the school. I want to help find what students would like to see happen on our campuses and better support them during their time at COCC.



Director of Student Affairs 


Dilynn Campbell

Dilynn Campbell (he/him/his)
Director of Legislative Affairs

Hometown: Bend,Oregon and Salt Lake City
Studying/majors: Business
Favorite Pastime: Thrift shopping
Why did you join ASCOCC?: For the opportunity to be a leader in my community and develop skills that will make me a more effective advocate for others.


Oscar Tovar

Oscar Tovar (he/him/his)
Director of Financial Affairs 

Hometown: Las Vegas and St. Louis, Missouri
Studying/major: Psychology
Favorite Pastime: Reading
Why did you join ASCOCC?: I wanted to get more involved on the campus and to help better represent the student body.


Kylie Willstatter

Kylie Willstatter (she/her/hers)
Director of Campus Affairs

Hometown: Denver, Colorado
Studying/major: Psychology
Favorite Pastime: Hiking
Why did you join ASCOCC?: To be more involved with the school and to be able to serve the student body to the best of my abilities 

Alexis NewAlexis New (she/her/hers)
External Affairs Coordinator

Hometown: Redmond, Oregon
Studying/Majoring: Criminal Justice
Favorite Pastime: Hiking
Why did I join: I love to meet new people and be involved in my community, and help were I am needed. I also want to get to know more people around my school and help anyone who needs it! 


Mal Sotelo

Mal Sotelo (they/them/thiers)
Internal Affairs Coordinator

Hometown: Central Point,Oregon
Studying/major: Sociology
Favorite Pastime:Writing poetry
Why did you join ASCOCC?:I decided to join ASCOCC because I love being involved with school events and spreading my knowledge of the campus to other students!

Ryan Rhodes

Ryan Rhodes (he/him/his)
Wickiup Liaison

Hometown: Eugene, OR
Studying/major: Fire Science/Paramedicine
Favorite Pastime: Hot tubbing
Why did you join ASCOCC?: I love talking, meeting new people, and helping others. Why not get paid for it!

Blank Photo

Jessie Spendlove
Office Coordinator

Favorite Pastime:Hiking

Morgan Brandon

Morgan Brandon (she/her/hers)
Madras Campus Liaison

Hometown: Culver,Oregon
Studying/major:Criminal Justice
Favorite Pastime:  Anything outside really
Why did you join ASCOCC?: I wanted to use this opportunity to help bring new ideas to the student government and help build a better connection and overall experience for the students at the Madras campus.



Brian Lepp

Brian Lepp (He/Him/His)
Prineville Campus Liaison

Hometown: Carlsbad, CA
Studying/major:Criminal Justice and Anthropology
Favorite Pastime: Camping
Why did you join ASCOCC?: To gain a better understanding of the college and to assist other students.


Blank Photo
Jessie Spendlove
Redmond Campus Liaison

Favorite Pastime:Hiking