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The 2023 -2024 Council


Mal Sotelo (they/them)

Hometown: Central Point, OR
Major: Sociology 
Hobby: Binge watching Law and Order SVU
Why did you choose to join ASCOCC:  I love connecting students with resources and offering a space where students can feel safe and heard.

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Driector of Student Affairs




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Thomas Wrisley (He/Him)
Legislative Affairs Coordinator



Erika Benitez (she/her)
Director of Financial Affairs 


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Director of Campus Affairs


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Laila Thompson (She/Her)
External Affairs Coordinator

Major: undecided/biology 
Hobby: Art, tennis, and reading
Why did you choose to join ASCOCC:  I wanted to become more involved in the community of sudents and faculty at COCC and give back to this positive and welcoming community  of people.

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Betsy Green (she/her)
Internal Affairs Coordinator

Hometown: Bend, Oregon
Major: AAOT in Music
Hobby: Writing song lyrics and playing music
Why did you choose to join ASCOCC: Because I love my community at COCC and it’s a way for me to connect with more students on campus!


Reagan Schleich (she/her)
Wickiup Liaison

Hometown: Eagle Creek, Oregon
Major: Baking and Pastry Arts with a Certificate in Culinary Arts
Hobby: Professional Cow Snuggler
Why did you choose to join ASCOCC: Because I love my community at Wickiup Hall and love the idea of being able to connect Wickiup Hall to the rest of COCC’s amazing programs and activities.

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Joe Karli (he/him)
Office Coordinator

Hometown: Albuquerque, NM
Major: CIS Networking
Hobby: Reading
Why did you choose to join ASCOCC: I joined ASCOCC to connect with more people on campus.

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Madras Campus Liaison




Maria Knight
Prineville Campus Liaison

Hometown: Prineville/Powell Butte
Major: Human Services
Hobby: Playing tennis
Why did you join ASCOCC:As the student liaison for the Prineville campus, I want to be a spokesperson for any ideas and suggestions the students have.




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Redmond Campus Liaison