Professional Development

Professional Development Fund

What is the Professional Development Fund?

The Professional Development Fund, or PDF, is a monetary sponsorship from ASCOCC that is awarded to students who wish to participate in professional, academic, or career development events and activities. At its root, the PDF exists to create opportunity and access to extra-curricular enrichment and professional development resources, both on and off campus.

What does it pay for?

  • conferences,
  • symposiums,
  • workshops,
  • lectures/public speakers
  • presentations,
  • job fairs,
  • community learning or other non-credit class,
  • mentoring program,
  • research project outside of your classes/degree program

What does it not pay for?

  • credit classes,
  • degree programs,
  • prerequisites for post-secondary courses,
  • certifications/re-certifications needed for credit classes/degree programs,
  • tutoring,
  • loan repayment,
  • course materials (textbooks, supplies, etc.) for credit classes/degree program

How can I apply?

Simply fill out our Professional Development Fund Application, and submit your application through email, or by dropping it off at our office in the Coats Campus Center (Room 206)!