CLERC Mission

The COCC Barber Library Children's Literature & Equity Resource Center (CLERC) is a dynamic collection of equity-focused, resilience-building, and culturally responsive children’s literature reflecting the rich diversity of world experiences and cultures. The CLERC collection and reading room support Early Childhood Education (ECE) and Education students and courses as well as other COCC programs, providing resources to educators, students and community members throughout the Central Oregon region.

CLERC's mission is informed by Oregon's Higher Education Coordinating Commission's Oregon Equity Lens document (first adopted in 2014). Additionally, Dr. Sims Bishop, Professor Emerita at The Ohio State University, has provided a critical framework for research and teaching in children's literature and this framework has strongly influenced the collections and operations of CLERC. Her essay, "Mirrors, Windows, and Sliding Glass Doors," is not only cited globally, it has inspired shifts in publishing, teaching, and the inclusion of authentic, diverse voices in literature for children and teens.