CLERC Collection Development Policy

Finalized September 25, 2019


Monographs and other items selected for the Children's Literature & Equity Resource Center (CLERC) will deeply interpret and reflect the CLERC mission. Material chosen for CLERC will present stories and topics supporting and promoting inclusion, and expanding cultural understanding and learning. Identities and voices will reflect authentic, culturally respectful, accurate and current representations of race, ethnicity, gender, class, age, ability, religion, place, immigration status, and LGBTQ identities.


While Barber Library staff recognize that important voices and messages in children’s and young adult literature exist outside the typical publishing and review process (see "Where Do We Stand? Libraries and Self-Published Authors"), positive and descriptive professional reviews (ie. From Booklist, Library Journal, Kirkus Book Reviews, School Library Journal, Hornbook Guide, etc.) are very helpful in determining the quality and impact of a particular work. Books and other materials selected for CLERC will present quality storytelling, illustrations and publishing production values, and will preferably be supported by positive reviews in professional review resources.

Local Resources

Overall, monographs and other materials selected for CLERC will be chosen on the ability to reflect a rich diversity of world experiences and cultures—with additional consideration given to storylines and themes that may not be readily available or promoted in mainstream library or classroom collections. Some items in Barber Library's CLERC collection may duplicate holdings in local and regional public libraries, but the intent of CLERC is to present a collection that is unique in its focus on works emphasizing equity and diversity.


The primary audience for the CLERC collection will be COCC's ECE and Education community, COCC's students, faculty and staff, and educators and ECE professionals throughout the Central Oregon region. CLERC’s collections will support COCC courses and programs in education and ECE and are intended to be used by other COCC programs as well.


All recommendations for CLERC materials will be reviewed and approved by the Barber Library Collection Development Librarian, Cat Finney.