CLERC Advisory Committee

Finalized September 25, 2019

History and Overview

The Children's Literature & Equity Resource Center (CLERC) advisory committee is intended to help guide our vision, strategies, and policies. An informal advisory committee—consisting of ECE faculty, Diversity/Inclusion office leadership, and library leadership—has existed since the inception of CLERC. The initial group developed the title of CLERC and the CLERC mission statement as well as provided oversight for the initial development of the CLERC space and collection. Going forward, the purpose of the advisory committee will be to help us answer this question at any particular time: are we fulfilling the intention(s) of our mission statement and serving COCC's programs and child and equity-focused teaching and service communities of Central Oregon and COCC's service district?


The primary purpose of the advisory committee will be to: 1) maintain the alignment between the CLERC mission, collections, programming and partnerships and 2) promote the CLERC mission and activities. The advisory committee may also offer guidance to support interactions between CLERC and COCC faculty and programs, which include but are not limited to Early Childhood Education/Education and the Diversity and Inclusion Office, as well as off-campus programs and partners that demonstrate a shared commitment to equity-focused, culturally responsive, and resiliency-oriented practices.

Responsibilities are strictly advisory in nature; the committee will provide guidance and feedback on implementation of policies (mission, collection development and events) and will advise on strategic planning to meet the needs of our primary audience and broader community. The committee will promote the mission of CLERC. The committee will provide feedback and support on growth opportunities, including grant and other funding opportunities, future partnerships, and program/collection expansion.


Membership of the CLERC advisory committee will include:

  • One to two ECE faculty (two year renewable terms)
  • ECE student (one year term)
  • COCC Diversity and Inclusion staff (ongoing)
  • Library leadership (ongoing)
  • Two community leaders from child and equity focused teaching and service communities of Central Oregon and COCC's service district (two year renewable terms).

All advisory committee members will be committed to the CLERC mission and purpose as stated in this document.

Advisory Committee members will be reviewed and selected each Fall Term in the future.


Once a term each academic year and as needed for CLERC related projects, such as grant proposals, collection review, and community presentations.