Library Fines

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Fine Amounts and Policies

Item Type Lost Item Replacement Fee Lost Item Processing Fee Loss of Privileges
COCC AV Items Purchase Cost of the Item $15.00 None
COCC Books Purchase Cost of the Item $15.00 None
Course Reserves Purchase Cost of the Item $15.00 Library account blocked 1 day past due
Group Study Room Keys $10.00 $10.00 Library account blocked 1 day past due
Interlibrary Loan Items Purchase Cost of the Item $15.00 None
Summit Items $75.00 $15.00 None
Technology Equipment Purchase Cost of the Item
(From $15 to $1,500)
$15.00 Library account blocked 1 day past due

Overdue Fines

As of November 2020, Barber Library does not charge overdue fines for any items. Items not returned on time may result in the temporary loss of Library privileges. See "Loss of Library Borrowing Privileges," below. Long overdue items will be considered lost and a replacement charge posted to the borrower's account. See "Lost or Damaged Item Fines," below.

Lost or Damaged Item Fines

Replacement and processing fees apply to items declared lost or returned damaged.

The borrower assumes financial responsibility for any Library items checked out on their account, including financial responsibility in the event an item is lost, stolen, or damaged.

Regardless of whether payment has been made for an item, library items remain the property of the College. Materials cannot be purchased from the Library. Any person who falsely claims to have lost materials simply to retain possession of them, or who refuses to surrender a found item, can be charged for illegally possessing state property.

If Library items are damaged (especially by water), please return them immediately to the Circulation Desk so appropriate measures can be taken to salvage the item.

Loss of Library Borrowing Privileges

The Library temporarily revokes borrowing privileges for the following reasons.

  • Reserve or technology item is past due.
  • Account balance exceeds $150.

When overdue item(s) are returned and/or charges on accounts resolved, borrowing privileges will be immediately reinstated.

Paying Fines

COCC students and Community Patrons must pay fees either...

  1. At the Cashier's Office in the Boyle Education Center, or
  2. Online through Bobcat Web in the Tuition/Fees and Online Payment section (available only to currently enrolled COCC students).

The Library cannot accept direct payments at the Circulation Desk.

Accruing fees will result in a hold on a student's record. The hold will prevent the student from registering for classes.

On the third week of every term, the College sends accounts with outstanding balances over $50 to the Oregon Department of Revenue for collection. To avoid collection fees, settle any charges with the College as soon as you incur them.

Appealing Fines

Borrowers may appeal library charges if they have been mistakenly assessed or if extenuating circumstances may warrant reduction or cancellation of the charges. Appeals should be made at the Circulation Desk within 30 calendar days of the original billing. Be prepared to provide supporting documentation, such as police reports. 

The following reasons are generally not regarded as valid for waiving or reducing charges.

  • Item lost, stolen, or damaged by a third party
  • Item loaned to a third party
  • Lack of knowledge of Library policy
  • Personal disagreement with Library policy
  • Forgetting the due date
  • Non-receipt or late receipt of the overdue notice
  • Item returned to a library other than COCC Barber Library
  • Term breaks, vacations, exams, etc.