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Get help with your legal information questions.

Jenny Pedersen, Community Librarian for legal services at Deschutes Public Library, will be available in CLERC on the third Monday of each month from 12-2 p.m. to assist with legal information questions.


  • Research training
  • Legal reference assistance
  • Access to a variety of legal information resources
  • Referrals to appropriate agencies or organizations

Example Questions

  • How do I change my name legally?
  • I need a will, where do I start?
  • My shower hasn't worked for two months. How can I get my landlord to repair it?
  • I might get evicted. What can I do?
  • My marriage is ending. How do I file for divorce?
  • My credit card company is garnishing my wages and I need help!


  • 12-2 p.m. third Monday of every month, in CLERC
  • March 18
  • April 15
  • May 20 (Cancelled)

Library staff may not engage in the practice of law, and are prohibited from interpreting legal materials or giving legal advice.