If Trees Could Dream

All day, everyday starting 2/23/2019 through 3/21/2019

Barber Library, Rotunda


I’ve spent my life designing and building things of wood. I’ve created living spaces that try to exist in harmony with nature and human need. I’ve designed and built furniture to help people find peace and utility in their daily life. Function has dictated certain parameters of these designs. Form follows function!

In this new phase of my creative life, I have moved into my psyche to view design without function and I am calling the result If Trees Could Dream. Join me in connecting with the voices of nature as you view my work.

Ted Gladu lives in Tumalo and harvests the wood he uses locally.

This art exhibit was featured February 28 in The Bend Bulletin. You can read the full article through the library database America's News.

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Information: Tina Hovekamp

If Trees Could Dream poster