Wireless Network Access for Laptops

View COCC's wireless (WiFi) service maps:

Both the Bend and Redmond Campuses provide wireless internet access for registered users within all Campus buildings with the exception of the Ponderosa Annex and Redmond building 2.

This wireless network provides access to COCC's web based resources (email, blackboard, online services) as well as access to the internet. By using the Campus Network users are agreeing with COCC's Acceptable Use Policy.

Accessing the Network

To use the Campus Wireless network you must:

  1. Tell your computer to connect to the wireless network.
  2. Open your internet browser to view the network login web page.
  3. Log in to the network by following the instructions displayed on the login web page.
  4. Done. You may now access the internet and available COCC web resources.

For detailed instructions on configuring your computer for wireless please consult the documentation provided with your computer and/or your wireless equipment.

Technical Details

The campus wireless network is broadcasted to wireless capable devices using an SSID of "campus_wireless".
The wireless protocols supported by this network are 802.11b and 802.11g .

Warning: Wireless communications are NOT encrypted with WEP or any other security protocol and therefore as is always the case with the internet, personal data should ONLY be sent when using a secure website (HTTPS/SSL).


  1. Review the list of common problems on our troubleshooting web page.
  2. Review the documentation provided with your computer and/or your wireless equipment.
  3. For assistance please visit a Campus computer lab.

Open Community Wireless Network:

The Open Community Wireless Network is now available in the Coats Campus Center. This open network allows wireless access through Bend Broadband via a cable modem and does not require any username or password. There are plans to expand this wireless network to the Board Room in Boyle Education Center as well as to selected student areas in Barber Library.

Steps to connect to COCC Open Community Network.pdf