ITS Access Control Procedure

 COCC MDF/IDF/Datacenter Access Control


ITS Procedure

The Data Access Control procedure establishes the protocol for facilitating access to secure MDF/IDF and Datacenter spaces and equipment for authorized vendors and contractors. This procedure is being instituted to safeguard members of the Central Oregon Community College community and its physical assets.

This procedure outlines specific responsibilities, conditions and practices that address vendor and contractor access needs in a manner that minimizes risks and maximizes the protection of Central Oregon Community Colleges physical assets and private information.

Any vendor or contractor who requires access to secure areas that house network switches, servers or telecommunications equipment in order to perform repairs,inspect equipment or install new equipment on the Central Oregon Community College campus is required to contact the Central Oregon Community College Information Technology Services Department to schedule this work. The vendor or contractor must contact the COCC ITS Department at least 48 hours prior to arriving on Campus (for scheduledwork) or with as much notice as possible when responding to an outage or an unscheduled service call initiated by COCC.

Depending upon what type of space the vendor or contractor will need access to, they may be directed to Campus Services to pick up a FOB for access to secured spaces during their visit. In instances where the space is controlled by key rather than a card reader, the contractor or vendor can contact Campus Safety @ 541-383-7272 approximately 15 to 20 minutes prior to arrival (assuming the work has already been scheduled). Unless it is an emergency, access will not be granted to ITS spaces without first contacting the ITS Department to schedule service at least 48 hours prior to arrival.

Any vendor or contractor requiring access to the COCC network and/or using their own laptop or computer while on Campus will need to have approval from the Central Oregon Community College Information Technology Services Department prior to connecting to our network.

For servers or equipment in COCC's MDF/IDF/Datacenter locations that have third-party software installed, vendors may not access those servers unsupervised and must contact ITS to schedule any work required and to obtain supervised access.

Vendors and contractors may contact the Central Oregon Community College Information Technology Services Department @ 541-383-7400. A helpdesk ticket number will be issued to the vendor or contractor and they will be contacted by IT personnel within 24 hours to schedule the work to be performed and provide a contact person for the vendor or contractor when they arrive on campus.