Campus Network Troubleshooting

Included below are some common problems that have been encountered while attempting to access the Campus network using wireless or publicly accessible wired taps.

Wireless Users: For detailed instructions on configuring your computer for wireless please consult the documentation provided with your computer and/or your wireless equipment.

Receive a "Page Not Found" error when opening your browser

If you receive a "Page Not Found" error when opening your browser after connecting to the campus_wireless network here are a few likely causes:

  1. Your connection to the "campus_wireless" network was not successful. For this examine your computer's wireless network status and make sure it is reporting a "connected" state for the "campus_wireless" network.
  2. Verify your wireless network settings are configured for dynamic IP and DNS assignment.
  3. If your computer is reporting that you are successfully "connected" to the campus_wireless network then this problem may be caused by your browser being configured to use a Proxy server.

Wireless Internet Access Disappears or You are Asked to Login Again

For security and performance reasons, after 30 minutes of inactivity you will automatically be logged off of the Campus Network. As a result you will need to login again using your Internet Browser.


For assistance please visit a Campus computer lab.

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