Mid Cycle Report

2015 Mid Cycle Self-Evaluation Report

Building Bridges at COCCFull Report (pdf)

1: Setting Strategic Direction for 2013 (archived)
2: 2013-18 Strategic Plan (PDF)
3: Academic Master Plan
4: Student Success Planning
5: Outcome Guide Model
6: Data Stewardship Advisory Committee
7: Accreditation Webpage

Part I. Mission Fulfillment: Core Themes, Objectives, and Indicators
8: 2012 Accreditation Report
9: Institutional Values
10: College Planning and Theme Team Charters
11: Theme-Level Outcome Guides

Part II. Two Representative Examples

Example 1. Nursing
12: Nursing Program Student Handbook
13: Workforce Development Theme Outcome Guide (TOG)
14: Nursing Program Outcome Guide (POG)
15: Nursing Course Outcome Guides (COGs)
16: Nursing 106 Course Syllabus
17: Comparison of College Mission to Workforce Development Student Learning Outcomes
18: Outcome Assessment Analysis- Executive Summary HESI-Registered Nurse
19: Theme Outcome Assessment Analysis Summary - Nursing
20: Outcome Assessment Analysis- Executive Summary HESI-Practical Nurse
21: NCLEX-RN First Time Pass Rates
22: Outcome Assessment Analysis- Executive Summary 2013 NCLEX-RN Pass Rate
23: Outcome Assessment Analysis- Executive Summary 2014 Graduation Rate
24: Outcome Assessment Analysis- Executive Summary Graduate Survey
25: Outcome Assessment Analysis- Executive Summary 2013 1st Year Student Curriculum Survey
26: Outcome Assessment Analysis- Executive Summary 2nd Year Student Curriculum Survey
27: Nursing Program Survey Data

Example 2. Writing
28: Transfer Degree Student Learning Outcomes
29: Transfer and Articulation Theme Outcome Guide
30: Writing Focus Outcome Guide
31: Course Coverage Report (Fall 2014 Snapshot)
32: TETYC Toward a Definition of a Writing Program Self Assessment
33: Writing Course Student Learning Outcomes
34: Writing and Information Literacy Assessment Rubric
35: Assessment Reporting Form_Writing and Information Literacy
36: Spring 2014 Transfer and Articulation Outcome Assessment Analyses
37: Transfer and Articulation Theme Level Analysis

Part III
38: CTE Program Outcome Inventory

Appendix A: Responses to previous recommendations
39: Computer Information Systems
40: Culinary
41: Sociology
42: Addictions Studies
43: Dental Assisting
44: Early Childhood Education
45: Project-Level Outcome Analysis Form
46: Automotive NATEF Correlation Chart
47: Budget Request Form 2014-15
48: Budget Request Form 2015-16 Final
49: FIAT Scoring Rubric (draft)
50: Library Strategic Plan
51: Student Services Priorities Overview
52: Information Technology Services
53: Strategic Plan - Proposed Objective Changes