Barcelona 2022 Newsletter

Barcelona 2022: Newsletter

Your faculty leader for our Study Abroad program in Barcelona in Spring of 2022 is writing a (roughly) weekly newsletter that offers information of interest or value to potential participants in the program. Links below take you to pdf's of each newsletter.

Newsletter 1: Barcelona SAE Student Portal/Passports Place: Program Classrooms

Newsletter 2: Barcelona SAE Team/Marketplaces of Barcelona Place: Parc Guell

Newsletter 3: al-Andalus/Renewables Place: Mudeu de la Musica

Newsletter 4: Barcelona SAE TODOS Blog/Tapas Place: Laberint d'Horta

Newsletter 5: Gilman Scholarship Application Place: Turo de la Rovira

Newsletter 6: Lionel Messi/Castells Place: Camp Nou

Newsletter 7: Check Your Program/Stay Homas Place: Segeda (Zaragoza)

Newsletter 8: Trip Insurance/What to Pack Place: Montserrat

Newsletter 9: Primavera Festival/Schegen Visa Place: Tarragona

Newsletter 10: Sundial Trail/Passport Reminder Place: Girona

Newsletter 11:  Finding Your Tribe/Roller Coaster Place: Montseny Natural Park

Newsletter 12: SAE Blog/Learning in Context Place: Arc de Triomf

Newsletter 13: Bad Spanish/How will we be? Place: Observatorio Fabra

Newsletter 14: Eurorail Pass/Islands of Spain Place: Green Fab Lab

Newsletter 15: Banks/Burners Place: Andorra

Newsletter 16: Lunar Eclipse/Maps Place:Your Recommendations