Learning Communities at COCC

COCC's Learning Communities are designed to provide entering students with a solid academic foundation that helps them achieve their educational goals. Learning Community participants benefit from the integrated instruction between their courses and the sense of community that develops between peers. Research has shown that Learning Communities can help students achieve higher academic success because of the collaborative approach of their instructors and the cultural focus of their classes.

The Learning Communities Committee is currently reviewing faculty applications for Fall 2014. The deadline for submission of application materials is March 7th with an approval date of April 1st. Application materials may be downloaded directly below:

Initial Planning Worksheet Application Faculty Compatibility Worksheet

LC Flow Chart Rev

Learning Community Sample Syllabi

Other Resources

Coming soon...

  • Testimonials from experienced COCC LC instructors and students
  • List of past LCs that have been taught on campus,
  • Links to websites that offer information/tips for developing LCs.