Learning Outcomes and Assessment

Formation of LOA


LOA Meetings

As a subcommittee toAcademic Affairs, the Learning Outcomes Assessment (LOA) Committee plays avital role in sustaining meaningful student learning outcomes assessment atCOCC by

  1. Building on the Colleges existing system of instructional assessment.
  2. Ensuring that instructional assessment efforts are faculty led.
  3. Leading the response to NWCCU accreditation recommendations concerning student learning outcomes and instructional assessment.[1]
  4. Coordinating and communicating its efforts with faculty, Academic Affairs, the Vice President for Instruction, and the Director of Curriculum and Assessment.

By drawing on currentbest practices, LOA provides guidance, coaching, and leadership for thedevelopment and assessment of course- and program-level student learningoutcomes by assisting faculty efforts to:

  • Map the relationships among and between courses,programs, and degrees.
  • Compose, modify, and store student learningoutcomes.
  • Support and sustain a culture of inquiry andcontinuous improvement.
  • Plan and design measureable learning activitiesand assessments.
  • Gather and analyze evidence of learning.
  • Reflect upon this evidence in order to improvethe planning and design of courses and programs.
  • Maintain a regular, consistent schedule ofinstructional assessment.
  • Collect and store learning evidence.
For more information about the charge of LOA, see COCC's General Procedures Manual.

[1] According to theNorthwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) standards, Facultywith teaching responsibilities take collective responsibility for fostering andassessing student achievement of clearly identified learning outcomes.