Academic Affairs Committee

The Central Oregon Community College Academic Affairs Committee will take a role of advocate for instruction. This committee will develop and recommend academic policy, facilitate and streamline decision-making on academic issues, and facilitate communication across campus community on academic issues.

Academic Affairs decisions will be made within the parameters of the policy governance articulated by the Board.

Among its primary functions Academic Affairs will: 

  1. Coordinate long-range planning in curriculum and academic policy;
  2. Set academic priorities that help shape budget decisions and allocations;
  3. Act as the main clearinghouse/review committee for all instructional policy and procedure issues, specifically those outlined in the academic policies and academic procedures sections of the GPM;
  4. Keep informed on Curriculum Committee, Learning Community Committee, and Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee through reading minutes and/or periodic updates, as appropriate for each committee;
  5. Assure that curricular decisions, academic priorities and instructional policies are held accountable to the mission of the College; and
  6. Communicate decisions made by Academic Affairs to other campus groups.

For more information about this committee, see section G-6-3 of COCC's General Procedures Manual.

Also see: Curriculum Committee; Learning Outcomes and Assessment