2015-16 Sabbaticals

Lynn Murray Fall Term 2015
Associate Professor of Dental Assisting Lynn Murray was approved for a one-term sabbatical in the Fall of 2015 to pursue an Expanded Function Dental Assistant with Restorative Functions Certificate. This certificate will allow Lynn to better assist Dentist at our COCC Dental Clinic allowing the volunteer dentist to treat more patients. The expanded practice would also allow Lynn to provide a higher level of expertise enabling her to teach students how to better assist in restorative placement.

Bob Reynolds Fall Term 2015
Professor of Geology Bob Reynolds was approved for a one-term sabbatical in the Fall of 2015 to enhance his background in paleontology and the geologic history of the Rocky Mountains. He plans to compile ideas from park and museum staff regarding best practices for developing exhibits, interpretative sites and trail guides. Bob will collect materials such as fossils, rocks, and photographs to be incorporated into new and enhanced lab activities and self-guided field experiences that allow students to enrich their observational and reasoning skills.

Rebecca Walker-Sands Fall Term 2015 and Winter Term 2016
Professor of Psychology Rebecca Walker-Sands was approved for a two-term sabbatical in the Fall of 2015 and Winter of 2016 to participate in a research opportunity involving local therapists, members of the community, and possibly branch partner Oregon State University. The research she is proposing would quantify changes in physiological analytes as a result of equine therapy. This research will benefit practitioners and their clients, and provide an opportunity for COCC students to directly participate in research. Knowledge and therapies resulting from the research will be threaded through the courses that she teaches.

Zelda Ziegler Fall Term 2015 and Winter Term 2016
Associate Professor of Chemistry Zelda Ziegler was approved for a two-term sabbatical, Fall 2015 and Winter 2016 to strengthen her background in materials science including 3-D printing, glass, and instrumentation used to monitor materials properties. Knowledge and skills gained will directly benefit students in her courses, specifically pre-engineering, pre-medical and science students. Zelda will be able to bring several available instruments online in the science building that are capable of measuring important chemical and physical characteristics of materials. These instruments will then be accessible by students in chemistry lab courses.