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Faculty Orientation

Part-time faculty orientations typically take place on the first Friday of the month. Contact Mike Artus and Jacquie Coe for details.

Teaching Academy

Teaching Academy events are usually scheduled on the third Friday of the month at 11 a.m. during the academic year.

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Andria Woodell speaks at a Teaching Academy presentation

2019-20 Academic Year

Date Event
October 25, 2019

Decolonial Pedagogy

Cascades Hall 117, Bend Campus at 11 am

A 2-hour workshop that asks the important questions.  How do we decolonize our classes and how do we eliminate bias as we teach?  For whom do we design our curriculum?

November 22, 2019

Share Your Favorite Assignment

Science Center 190, Bend Campus at 11 am

Do you have a favorite assignment or in-class activity that you feel has been especially effective, creative, or engaging for students?  Would you like to explore new pedagogical ideas, but don’t have time to schedule course observations with other faculty?  Then this month’s Teaching Academy is for you!

We’re looking for interested faculty to contribute to a show-and-tell style roundtable discussion.  Learn from your peers!  Share your more glorious successes! Lament your most spectacular failures! Or just come and brainstorm and eat lunch with us! 

February 21, 2020

Teaching Online: The Challenges and Opportunities

Science Center 190, Bend Campus at 11 am

The future of teaching is online. What it's like to be teaching in a virtual classroom? Dr. Michel Waller, an expert in online course designing, is going to share his first-hand experience.