Career and Educational Possibilities in Education

Education Careers: Teacher, Paraprofessional, childcare, k-12, school pychologis, special ed teacher, copllege professor, preschool-kindergarten, early intervention, child protective services, peer/program mentor

Graduates earning a certificate or Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree are well-suited for employment in early childhood education (ECE) settings. Potential employers include Head Start, preschool/pre-kindergarten centers, child protective services, and early intervention programs, among a variety of other options.

COCC also offers several Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer (AAOT) degrees for students wanting to transfer to a bachelor’s degree program. Students who complete a bachelor’s degree in education have an array of career opportunities available to them, including ECE, elementary, and secondary education teaching positions in public and private settings. Students may also pursue a master’s degree in education, depending on their specific career goals.

"The candidates trained by COCC come into JCSD 509J prepared to handle the many demands presented to them as a teacher."
Melinda Boyle, director of curriculum & instruction, Jefferson County School District 509J

Education careers include Teaching, like this instructor in front of class giving a lesson plan