Math 111

Please read the Syllabus carefully, you will be quizzed on it! Click here for the Full Syllabus , a short form will be handed out in class.

Here's a copy of the course pack and associated table of contents that we will be using in class: Course Pack. Table of Contents. Both can be printed off here or you can purchase a bound version from the book store. I will be using these notes in class and expect you to have them. It seems that the Course Pack prefers to be opened in either the Firefox browser or Internet Explorer.

The library has a a couple copies of the text book on reserve if you'd like to do your reading there. The Tutor Lab in the library basement also has a few copies of the textbook you may be able to use while you're studying down there. They are not available to be checked outside of the library. And don't forget that we have an upper campus math tutoring center available in the SMART Lab in the Grandview building, GRV 234. Tentative hours for fall 2016 in the SMART lab are M-Th 10:00-2:00. Tutoring in the library is available whenever the library is open.

I will not be using Black Board in this class. Announcements, keys, due dates, and grades can be found on Web Assign.

About Web Assign (WA): Your homework assignments will be handled electronically through WA - which includes a full electronic version of the textbook. I will also post announcements, documents, and periodically update your grades in the class through WA. You will create your own account on WA (unless you've already done so in the past); be sure to remember your user name and password. You will be using this account for as long as you take classes that require WA - the precalc series 111-113 and the calculus series 251-255 which uses a different text.

To sign up for WebAssign access, make sure to sign up for the class you're enrolled in by entering in the correct class key. Go to and click on ENTER CLASS KEY (far right upper side next to LOG IN).

The class keys are: for crn 40442 and meeting at 10:15 cocc 6387 9808

When logging in, after youve created your account, the institution is: cocc.

The following may be helpful for you regarding WA: Student Quick Start Guide

Labs: Lab1 Lab2 Lab3 Lab4 Lab5 Lab6

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