Math 251

Fall 2017

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Math 251 Syllabus Fall 2017

How to do Linear Regression on the TI83/83 Calculator. Note, if your data set looks like it would lie on the graph of a curve instead of a line you can choose other regression types.

Here are links to the labs and the project I plan to use this term. See the syllabus for more information.

Lab #1a Lab#1b Project Project Score Sheet

Lab #2a Lab#2b Group Work Assessment Work Sheet

Lab #3

Lab #4

Lab #5

Lab #6 Another example for splicing functions (from Jessica Giglio): click here

Lab #7

For 20 bonus Lab points: Listen to the following podcast and turn in a typed, half page summary of the interview. Who was interviewed? What books were mentioned in the interview? What are three strategies for learning? You may turn in your own write-up or work in groups of 2-4 and turn in one for the group. Listen to it while you're all having lunch! Learning and Memory Podcast Due by the day of the second test.

Additional recommended resources on the Web or Web Assign can be found on these links, by topic:

WebAssign Videos Limits Derivatives Derivative Applications

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