Math 252 Labs

You are encouraged to work together on the labs. There may be some class time set aside for you to work together on the labs but you should plan on doing most of the work on them outside of class. Labs #0 and #5 are not group labs and everyone needs to turn in their own lab. The other labs are group labs and you are encouraged to work in pairs or groups of3 or 4. If you do work with more thanone person, only hand-in one lab write-up per group with all names neatlywritten on the lab. Each person willreceive the same grade in the group. Toreward you for your group-work efforts you will each get 10% bonus added backto your score. Make sure you show all necessary and correct work on a separate paper, in pencil, and stapled to the lab. Read instructions carefully! See the syllabus for more information.

Lab#0 Lab#0 will be handed out the first day of class and is due Friday, Jan. 8th.

Lab#1 You will need to print out this lab (as well as the rest). Lab#1 is due Friday, Jan. 15th