Math 60

Note: I will not be using Black Board this term. For Math 60 we will beusing the Hawkes system. You will be required to purchase an accesscode that will last you through Math 65 and Math 95. The text book is optional and copies are available in the SMART lab. To make the start of class smoother for everyone you will be issued a temporary access code which you will need to purchase before the end of the second week of classes. See here for more IMPORTANT information: Temporary Access Code


Do not purchase the spiral bound work book from the book store, which I will refer to as a reading guide (RG). I will post the reading guide here in lieu of the work book. You will need to print out the assigned daily reading guide, fill it in, and turn it in at the beginning of each class. I will be handing out the first reading guide in class and you will have to print out the rest. See the syllabus for due dates.

Syllabus Section Schedule Power Point Presentations

Daily Reading Guide Review-Operations with Signed Numbers Class Grade Structure


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