Wickiup Hall Internet

Rooms in Wickiup Hall have a wired network connection as well as Wi-Fi (wireless) connectivity. Laptop computers, desktop computers, smart phones, tablets, iPads, and other devices with a web browser can all be used on the network. When a device first connects to the Wickiup Hall network, you will be prompted to authenticate with your COCC email address (e.g., bcat@cocc.edu) and password (e.g., Dr0wsSAp). Once a device is authenticated, you will have access for 10 months without needing to reauthenticate. 

Devices without a web browser can be registered through a device already connected to the network. Access the self-service portal here. COCC does not allow the use of personal network equipment such as wireless routers, access points, and switches. 

Wi-Fi Networks

  • cocc_bobcat   [students and staff][1Gb download speed]
  • guest                  [guest access][5Mb download speed]

Wired Network

  • Connect wired devices to an available network jack.

Getting Connected

Detailed Instructions

Short One Page Instructions

Wickiup Hall Internet Self-Service Portal

Need Help Finding your MAC Address?

Visit our webpage on device MAC addresses here.

Have More Questions?

Visit our FAQ webpage found here. 

If you have further questions, email techhelp@cocc.edu or call Student Tech Support at 541-383-7716 with your device information.