Wickiup Hall Printing

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Bobcat PRINT provides secure printing in the Wickiup Hall lobby on the campus_wireless network. Login to Bobcat PRINT with your COCC username and password to submit documents and release print jobs. The cost per page is $0.05 for black & white and $0.15 for color. Bobcat PRINT only works in the Wickiup Hall lobby on the campus_wireless network. Ethernet ports in Wickiup Hall and the cocc_bobcat wireless network cannot connect to Bobcat PRINT at this time.

(1) Print from your laptop or mobile device

  • Connect Wi-Fi: campus_wireless
  • Login to https://bobcatprint.cocc.edu with your COCC username and password
  • Select "Web Print" to queue your document(s)
  • Wickiup Hall printers:
    • bobcatprint\WIKLOBBYBW
    • bobcatprint\WIKLOBBYCOLOR

(2) Payment options

  • "Add Credit" to your account using a credit or debit card
  • Contact Student Tech Support to transfer a GoPrint balance
  • Cash accepted in Barber Library and PIO 200 Computer Lab

(3) Release job(s) in print queue

  • Bobcat PRINT Portal
    • Login to Bobcat PRINT.
    • Select "Jobs Pending Release."
    • Review printer, document, and cost information.
    • Release (or cancel) print jobs.
  • Your Mobile Device
    • Connect mobile Wi-Fi to campus_wireless.
    • Scan printer QR code with mobile camera.
    • Alternatively, navigate to this URL: Mobile release
    • Release (or cancel) print jobs.
  • COCC Mobile App

For assistance, contact COCC Student Tech Support
web: cocc.edu/tech-help   email: techhelp@cocc.edu   phone: 541-383-7716
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