Employment Categories

  • Faculty/Adjunct
    • Full-time
      FT Faculty may receive Tenure status and teach 45 or more load units per academic year (3 terms). Full time faculty members are represented by The Faculty Forum, an independent union, and receive an exceptional benefits package.

    • Adjunct
      Adjunct instructors teach between 24.5 and 37.5 load units per academic year (3 terms). Contracts are issued on a year by year basis. Adjunct Instructors are represented by The Faculty Forum, an independent union, and receive an excellent benefits package.

    • Part-time
      Part-time instructors teach less than 24.5 load units per academic year (3 terms) and contracts are issued on a term-by-term basis. Part-Time Instructors are not represented by any union and do not receive any benefits.

      Part-time instructor pools are posted for a limited amount of time to obtain applications from those interested in teaching part-time as a non-benefited instructor, on a term-by-term basis, in the area of discipline advertised. Positions may not necessarily be available at the time you apply. Your online application will remain active for consideration throughout the length of the posting unless you are notified otherwise.

  • Administrative/Confidential

    Administrative positions are those classified as Professional-Non-Managerial; Supervisory, or Management (exempt). Administrators are not represented by a union. Most administrative positions are on a full-time; 12 month contract. There are a few positions that are less than FT or less than 12 months so be sure to check the job positing for details. All Administrators (FT & PT) receive an exceptional benefits package.

  • Classified

    Classified positions are service/support positions and are non-supervisory (non-exempt; overtime eligible). Classified members are represented by The Classified Association of Central Oregon Community College, an independent union. There are both full-time and part-time positions so check the job posting for details. All Classified members (FT & PT) receive an exceptional benefits package.

  • Continuing Education Instructor

    COCC Continuing Education is always looking for great instructors.
    Their mission is to provide quality lifelong learning that is responsive, relevant and accessible. Classes are based on the philosophy that learning is a rewarding experience that is best when in a relaxed, supportive environment. We are looking for qualified instructors in all interest areas. Click to sign up to teach a Continuing Education class.

  • Work Study

    The Federal Work-Study (FWS) program provides employment opportunities to students who apply for financial aid and are eligible for the program. Availability is based on federal fund limits. FWS positions are hourly wage jobs in which a student works for a department on campus according to a mutually agreed upon schedule. Students can work up to 8-10 hours a week but are allowed to exceed 15 hours a week only by prior approval from their supervisor.

  • Temporary Hourly

    Positions other than the categories listed above can be found on the Job Vacancies page. These positions are typically 16 hours per week or less, do not receive benefits, and are paid by the hour. The duration of these positions varies greatly from several weeks to all year. Some examples are: Sign Language Interpreter, Community Learning Instructor, Testing Proctor, Tutor, Lab Assistant, and Work Study.