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Retiree Benefits Information

Active eligible employees and their enrolled eligible dependents who are not yet age eligible for Medicare may continue group health benefit coverage upon retirement.  The retiree must be benefit eligible and currently enrolled at time of retirement in medical, dental, and or vision plan options offered by the College through OEBB. Insurance coverage under the OEBB active employee benefit plans and retiree benefit plans must be continuous or the retiree is not eligible to enroll. Per OEBB Division 50 111-050-0010 a retiree means and includes a previously eligible employee who is

  1. Not Medicare-eligible; or
  2. Under 65yrs of age; and
  3. Retired PERS (Public Employees Retirement System) member.



 You do NOT need to login this Open Enrollment period.

This is NOT a mandatory enrollment year. OEBB will auto-roll your current plans.

You must login to drop/add or change a plan, or to update personal information.

All plan options have not changed. You may continue the same coverage you had last year. OEBB will automatically roll your plans if you do not make any changes.  NOTE: Plan RATES have changed. The new rates will become effective your October paycheck.  See Plan Rates menu option for updated rate changes.



Medical Plans and Design Summaries

The following Moda Medical Plans will be offered in the 2020-21 plan year, effective October 1, under one network Connexus PPO.

  • Medical Plan 1 - $400 annual deductible / Connexus Network
  • Medical Plan 2 - $800 annual deductible / Connexus Network
  • Medical Plan 4 (HDHP) - $1600 - $5100 annual deductible / Connexus Network
  • Medical Plan 6 (HSA compatible) - $1600 - $3400 annual deductible / Connexus Network 

Medical/Rx Summary of Plans

Dental Plans and Design Summaries

COCC will continue to offer the same three dental plans for the 2020-21 plan year.  Plans Design Summaries are listed below to help make an informed decision.

  • Delta Dental Premier Plan 1
  • Delta Dental Premier Plan 6
  • Willamette Dental Group (services must be provided by Willamette Dental provider)

Dental Summary of Plans

Vision Plan and Design Summary

COCC will continue the same Moda vision plan for the 2020-21 plan year.  Please click the Plan Design Summary to review benefit coverage. See handbook for more details of benefit coverage.

  • Opal Vision Plan

Vision Plan Design Summary


OEBB Enrollment

How to Enroll - After determining your plan selections, visit the MyOEBB Member Module to complete the enrollment process, update user and dependent information, and obtain a benefit summary.


Plan Rates

Any member enrolled in a health insurance plan on October 1 will be solely responsible to pay the monthly premium directly to the College on the first of the month. Checks to be made payable to COCC.

2020-21 Retiree Plan Rates


Plan Handbooks 

Moda Medical Handbooks for 2020-21 Plan Year

Moda Dental Handbooks for 2020-21 Plan Year

Moda Vision Plan Handbook for 2020-21 Plan Year

Willamette Dental Handbook


OHSU Virtual Visits

Virtual visit with an Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) Provider online care at See an OHSU provider from the comfort of your home or anywhere in Oregon through a live video chat on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

How much does it cost?

For traditional Medical Plans 1, 2 and 4 there will be a $10 Co-pay. For Medical Plan 6 (HSA compatible plan) there is a $49 Co-pay, until the deductible is met; once deductible is met the cost will be $10 Co-pay.

When should I use a Virtual Visit?

Use a Virtual Visit when you need attention right away but do not feel like your life is in danger. For example, you could use it for a cold or the flu, a sore throat, stuffy nose, coughs, congestion, allergies, poison ivy/oak, nausea, minor injuries, and bites and stings.