Why Write A Will?

One of the most important legal activities each of us faces is deciding how, after our death, our assets will be used and who will benefit from them. Estate planning and the writing of a will is a deeply meaningful way to make a powerful statement with these assets. However, a great number of people die "intestate" (without a will). When that happens the state or others decide for us where and how the estate will be distributed. If your preferences have not been clearly stated in a will, then it is likely that those preferences will not be carried out. It is, therefore, vital that you have a will. It is a wonderful way of expressing your love to the people and organizations you cherish. It is a way to take control of your assets, and make a positive statement.

If you would like, we may be able to help you in this process. We can provide an opportunity to simply discuss estate planning and charitable giving. We recognize that many individuals would like to benefit more than one organization. We will be very careful to honor your wishes and to discuss any concerns you may have. As we talk, we'll approach our discussions with a mind to what you want. To do this, please contact Zak Boone, Executive Director of Central Oregon Community College Foundation, at 383-7212, or email zboone@cocc.edu.

If you do not have a will, whether you contact us or not, we urge you obtain one right away. For, as the English poet and playwright Edward Young said, "Procrastination is the thief of time."