Estate Gifts Leave Positive Impressions

Footprints. We all leave footprints. In the sands of time, our prints are made by the impression of our lives.

We are remembered:
- For the weight of our character.
- For marks of accomplishment.
- For expressions of kindness.
- For length of compassion.
- For width of personal warmth.
- For generosity.
- For values.

When we leave positive impressions behind we enhance the lives of friends and loved ones. We give them prints to follow. One way we can make our prints is to help others recall and be positively influenced by our values, through thoughtful estate planning. For example, consider the impact of a plan that includes both provisions for family members and resources for charitable organizations like the Central Oregon Community College Foundation.

-An Estate Gift Provides Crucial Funding.
Estate gifts are especially valuable to charitable organizations because they tend to be larger than annual gifts. At Central Oregon Community College they provide an extra boost that makes an invaluable impact on education. Estate gifts can be directed towards a specific purpose or left unrestricted, to be used where needed most.

-An Estate Gift Makes A Positive Statement.
When you include Central Oregon Community College Foundation in the final disposition of your estate, you declare to your family and friends that you believe in and care about the mission of Central Oregon Community College. Your estate gift becomes a clear affirmation of your values.

-An Estate Gift Encourages Imitation.
A well-planned estate gift truly encourages others to go out and do likewise. As friends and family plan their own estates they may well recall your generosity and thoughtfulness.

-Your Gift May Inspire Resources from Other Estates.
Zak Boone, Central Oregon Community College Foundation's Executive Director is available to confidentially provide you with information and materials you need to include charitable giving in your overall estate plan. To arrange for a personal visit, please call Zak Boone (541) 383-7212, or e-mail: Thank you for keeping us in mind!