Endowments Work Forever

Many generous individuals are at the heart of charitable institutions making significant impacts upon their community. Great achievements, such as Central Oregon Community College's growth into a vital educational resource, occur because of these philanthropic friends. A void is felt upon the passing of these wonderful benefactors, because it is a special partnership that exists between a donor and a charitable institution. There is a way to make sure that this partnership does not end. Steps can be taken through a gift, a will (or living trust) as one way to create an endowment fund. This special fund will generate giving, and help others, forever.

Here is how endowment funds work:

-Endowments are Perpetual
Like a spring welling from the earth, endowment funds keep giving. Endowments last. Endowments allow you the knowledge that you will forever make a crucial difference in your charity. Each year into the future, children, grandchildren, and the community will be reminded of your involvement with your charity and the importance of making regular gifts to support worthy causes. What a wonderful legacy to leave behind!

-Endowments are Protected
Endowments are set aside and kept separate from operating and capital fund accounts. Endowment funds are secure: they are not used for unspecified purposes and are not dissolved after so many years. This is guaranteed through the integrity of your charity, and through written agreements which outline your wishes.

-Endowments are Personal
You may find it desirable to create an unnamed, unrestricted endowment fund to be used by your charity wherever the need is greatest. You may want your fund to bear the particular name of a loved one or of your family. You can choose to tailor the purpose of your endowment to benefit a particular area of interest. This flexibility gives you an opportunity to personalize your "forever gift".

The Central Oregon Community College Foundation has sound, developed policies for creating and managing endowment funds. We can show you a variety of ways you can use the tools of gift planning to make an endowment dream come true - whether now through a current gift, or later through your estate plan. We would be glad to visit or correspond in confidence about this meaningful area of philanthropy. For more information and to let us know how to assist you please contact Zak Boone at 383-7212, or feel free to email your request to zboone@cocc.edu. Zak will respond, in confidence, immediately.